William “Will” Kenyon, Cadet


Meet William “Will” Kenyon, who is entering his junior year at California Maritime Academy (CMA) in mechanical engineering and spent 60 days this summer working on the tugs Keegan Foss and Lynn Marie on San Francisco Bay.

Kenyon, 20, is a native of Vallejo, Calif., also the home of CMA. He had an interest in engineering but no family or personal history in the Maritime industry when he started looking at colleges as a 16-year-old home schooler.

“I found the maritime academy, and working on boats sounded interesting to me,” he said. “It’s gone way beyond my expectations – it’s been great working here at Foss and really fascinating learning at school.”

Kenyon is the oldest of four children, and his father is a union representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers. He will graduate with a bachelor of science degree in engineering and a license as a third-assistant engineer for unlimited horsepower on U.S.-flagged vessels.

When he isn’t going to school or working at Foss, he likes to hang out with friends and his seven-year-old brother.

How does he see his future in the industry?

“My plans for the first couple of years are to go to sea, get that experience, and upgrade my license as much as I can,” he said. “But something like this – working at Foss – over the long term, I really like the sound of it. I really like being close to home.”

By Bruce Sherman