Foss Maritime has long believed in supporting education to the fullest possible degree. Through tuition aid, reimbursement and the Foss Maritime Scholarship Program, Foss has helped our employees and their dependent children to continue the learning process.

The Foss Maritime Tuition Aid Program is designed to provide administrative employees and managers with financial support to pursue specific courses and educational programs which will enhance their skills in current or future work-related areas.

The Marine Reimbursement Program is offered to encourage marine employees to attain appropriate certification, licensing, or endorsements necessary for advancement opportunities or to increase operational excellence through increased mariner skill.

The Foss Maritime Scholarship Program was established to provide scholarships to assist employees’ children who plan to pursue post-secondary education in college and vocational programs.

This scholarship program is administered by Scholarship Management Services, a division of Scholarship America®. Scholarship Management Services is the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship and tuition reimbursement programs for corporations, foundations, associations and individuals. Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, national origin, or any other protected class.

Training Programs and Support

Foss Maritime supports training programs designed to enhance the performance, productivity and job satisfaction of our employees.

Job training may be pursued either through the Education Assistance Program, approved seminars or workshops, or on-the-job training. Foss has over 330 computer based soft skill courses available through Cornerstone, Foss’ Learning Management System.